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I Will Not Be Moved

I Will Not Be Moved


"I Will Not Be Moved" was written to compliment the 2013 Mutual Theme: D&C 87:8 "Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved"


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  • Lyrics

    Making my way through this unsteady world

    Reaching for footholds of faith

    So many walking both sides of the line

    But I know the path I will take

    Placing each footstep in the warmth of His light

    Steady and true to this burning inside

    I will stand in holy places

    Worthy in my youth

    And I will be prepared to meet His call

    And no matter how the world will change

    I will stay, I will remain

    Anchored in the safety of His truth

    And I will not be moved

    Facing the voices who would have me believe

    That faith and religion are weak

    So many chasing the ways of this world

    But I know whose face I will seek

    Fearless and faithful in declaring His name

    Shining His light I will not be ashamed


    Keeping my heart on the hills of higher ground

    Ready there to walk with Him

    And I will not come down

    I will not come down


    I will not be moved

    I will not be moved

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