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BDM grants you the right to copy, store, transfer and burn the Digital Content only for your personal, non-commercial use. Please do not share the mp3 file with others or burn copies of the music to distribute to others. 

  • Lyrics

    I wanna take the wings that He has given me

    Carry out my purpose in His plan

    But fear and insecurity

    Bind me down, holding me

    Time to cut the strings and take a stand

    No more second guessing who I am

    I wanna be strong, I wanna be fearless

    Wanna take the wings He’s given me

    And learn how to fly

    I wanna be bold, unshaken

    Rising to my purpose in His plan

    I can be fearless in His hand

    Sizing up the mountains there in front of me

    Peaks I never dreamed that I could reach

    When doubt begins to open wide

    I feel His hand, holding mine

    Time to give my faith a chance to breathe

    Hold to what I know and just believe


    No more fearing gravity

    Courage cause I know that He

    Will give me every strength I need and

    Knowing He believes in me

    Gives me faith to jump and take the leap


    Oh, fearless in His hand

    I will be fearless

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